February, 17

MDW Newsletter Feature Digest

MDW started in 2018 with one goal in mind - to make diagnostic exam reading more accessible and affordable. Today, it is the largest teleradiology service with 450+ radiologists covering all 50 states.

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February, 11 gets a mobile app! is happy to announce the mobile version of the platform. MDW is a new teleradiology marketplace that facilitates image reading services, reduces turnaround time, and helps reading physicians stay in tune with imaging providers, on or off the clock, literally.

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February, 10

Image reading services: Four ways to get your exams read

Despite the increasing number of radiologists, it often becomes challenging for diagnostic imaging businesses to find a reading doctor, especially in some rare subspecialties or particular states. This article will discuss the ways to get your images read, as well as their pros and cons.

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January, 20

As new notification law goes into effect in Pennsylvania, more states are expected to follow. MDW help radiologists comply with the law without significant overhead.

January, 15

As more and more vendors roll out their AI based algorithms for radiology, other companies simplify their use through consolidation on a marketplace, where customers can purchase desired algorithms without special integration effort.

January, 14

As use of AI increases in radiology, industry participant want to have a say in how it is used to ensure compliance with regulatory framework.

January, 13

As reimbursements continue to fall, efficiency in radiology becomes even more important. We at MDW help both facilities and radiologies streamline their processes and reduce cost without compromising patient

December, 9

As more AI algorithms are developed by AI companies, claims are made about the efficiency of algorithms. This article cautions about taking these results by their face values as real world uses are much more complicated.

December, 5

Interesting report by Global Market Insights highlights how blockchain technology can help healthcare industry improve operational efficiency through decentralization.

November, 5

Implementing best practices for handling second opinions could yield a range of benefits for patients and providers. MDW's marketplace can assist by simplifying the process of handling these consults and payments for them.

October, 30

Errors in diagnosis's can cause improper care and lead to malpractice claims. MDW helps bring more radiologists to facilities and help interpret studies with better quality.

October, 28

Blockchain can help with multiple issues in the radiology processes, including improving interoperability and portability of records.

October, 17

Imaging has alway been technology intensive field - advanced diagnostic equipment, imaging processing algorithms - and it continues drives innovation in more areas.

October, 8

Teleradiology has been transforming in recent years due to advances in technology. MDW marketplace helps to drive efficiencies in workflow and payments and expand possible use cases for telerad companies.

October, 8

Despite the eye-catching headlines, widespread use of AI algorithms in radiology remains far in the future. However, industry experts agree that as these tools mature, they can be used to help better patient care and improved diagnostic workflow.

October, 3

Many healthcare software packages are requiring in-house install, leading to rigid technology framework and complicated upgrade and management cycles. Cloud technologies come to the rescue and enable fast integration and use of advanced technologies, such as AI and ML.

October, 1

Mistakes in radiology reports can lead to unnecessary procedures or missed disease. Here are some ways to reduce error rates, some procedural, some technological.

September, 13

FDA is planning to use blockchain technology to improve drug tracking and supply chain. So it is not only approving applications of new technology, but is also using it to bring efficiencies to healthcare.

September, 11

Even as productivity inches up for radiologists, the compensation is not following yet. More productivity gains are required and improving processes in radiology is a big focus for MDW.

September, 3

Sergey Fradkov, CTO and Co-Founder of MDW, is sharing his vision on how blockchain can transform the healthcare business, and what the future of the industry holds.

September, 2

New PA law makes it mandatory to communicate positive findings to the patient and the article shows why. MDW helps ensure communications happen in efficient and digitally verifiable manner

August, 28

Shortage of radiologists and declining reimbursements drive home the message - industry has to become more efficient. MDW helps improve communications between radiologists and facilities, driving down costs for interpretations.

August, 27

Many radiologists are speaking about the need to the profession to become even more efficient with the use of technology, including AI, in their daily work. Efficient operations help quality and patient care and we at MDW are happy to help in this.

August, 23

Steady march of FDA approval for AI algorithms continues. More data and validation processes is needed to continue the expansion and DW can help with both.

August, 20

Growth and leadership of the US in research and implementation of AI in radiology will bring more need for annotated imaging data for training for algorithms.

August, 13

As costs for radiologists continues to climb, many centers and facilities cannot afford dedicated staff and are turning to outsourcing. MDW aims to solve the problem by building a marketplace, where radiologists are available on demand.

August, 12

Amid growing workload on radiology, efficient workflow becomes even more important. Unfortunately, today's practices in many aspects of data exchange in radiology are lacking, so we at MDW focus on changing that.

August, 9

MDW is proud to be a part of global tend of using blockchain in health care. As article states, "...The use of blockchain for healthcare data exchanging is expected to reach a value of $1.89 billion by 2025. By digitally storing trusted healthcare records without the need of a centralized party, blockchain allows for the validation of clinical credentials between multiple physicians." We focus on radiology marketplace and hope to drive these cost efficiency in this $10B segment.