Correctional Facilities and Nursing Home Systems

MDW proves to be a reliable partner for our clients that specialize in correctional facilities imaging as well as the nursing home industry. Besides the apparent fact of accuracy in readings provided by MDW marketplace physicians, we also recognize the need for integration with the providers EMR systems. With Point click care being the number one choice for the nursing home provider, MDW has invested time and money for the connectivity bridge, helping our clients save valuable time. It also allows for a hassle-free process when they want to use MDW for interpretations.

As a reminder, the MDW radiology marketplace does not require our clients to sign a contract for interpretation. Our clients use the marketplace when the need arises. You will have the best price quoted by the market of 400 strong independent radiologists. We offer our clients the convenience to select a supervising radiologist or adding the radiologist to their provider application. The process is transparent and straightforward, and our team of credentialing specialists is there to guide.

Radiology Marketplace for Imaging Facilities