Imaging facilities

Our solutions for independent imaging facilities and multi-state chains can be compared to a typical teleradiology service. We do take it a few steps ahead, though, by providing our clients with the flexibility to choose when they want to use the marketplace. You can decide which modalities to outsource, volume, and price to pay - all that without sacrificing the quality of interpretation or signing a contract.

Imaging facilities, as well as multi-state chains, are faced with high pressure to turn around large volumes of studies, whether they are an independent group or connected to a hospital. We recognize that it's not always possible to get the turnaround time you need, as well as process all the volume while being efficient at your expenses, and therefore created a perfect augmenting tool for our clients. Imaging facilities can choose when to send studies to the marketplace by placing an order and having the study interpreted within minutes. The simplified online tool, which integrates with most facilities RIS/PACS systems, helps the staff save valuable time in processing the orders for reading.

MDW radiology marketplace operates on a 24/7 schedule, and there are always physicians available to pick up the order and read.

Why choose Radiology Marketplace?

  • Final reports signed and delivered 24 hours per day, seven days a week
  • U.S. Based, Board Certified, Fellowship Trained Radiologists in 50 states
  • Industry-leading TAT - 1-hour Xray, same-day ultrasound
  • Over 400+ radiologists registered on the platform, ready to tackle
    any workflow needs
  • On average, 5+ radiologists are available to read your study
    at any given moment
  • Modalities covered - PET, PET/CT, MR, CT, NM, US, ECHO, MG, X-RAY, DEXA