MDW Newsletter Feature Digest

Dear imaging providers!

MDW started in 2018 with one goal in mind - to make diagnostic exam reading more accessible and affordable. Today, it is the largest teleradiology service with 450+ radiologists covering all 50 states.

To facilitate exam transfer, tracking, and interpretation, we have built a robust IT platform, and we are continually improving it, adding new tools and features.

This time, we have prepared a brief digest of the essential updates of the last year.

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Final report preview

Check before you pay! Imaging facilities can now preview the report before accepting it and making payment. You can make sure the report matches your requirements before downloading it.

You also skip this option and accept reports automatically without previewing.

Sending reports through HL7

If your healthcare platform supports the HL7 format, joining the marketplace becomes easy as never before. We have added the ability to send reports to external systems through HL7. The ORU messages are sent to the configured destination.

Reading radiologists' contact information

Being a radiology marketplace, we do our best to make our service as personalized as possible. When a radiologist accepts the study, you can view their contact information. In the imaging facility's grid, you can find the Contact information button. Click on it to see the radiologist's name, email, and phone number

Exam management dashboard

Simplify managing your studies! Dashboard is an essential feature we have added to the Imaging Facility, Radiologist, and Distributor portals. With the Dashboard you have the current and historical stats about the company activity at your fingertips!

Notification about positive findings

In some states, such as Pennsylvania, the law requires radiologists to inform patients and referring physicians about positive findings in the studies.

MDW simplifies the process of collecting patient and physician's contact information and delivering notifications to both. Delivery can be done via email, phone call, or regular mail, as prescribed by the law. Contact information is collected in the MDW Portal from the imaging facility prior to report acceptance, and MDW handles all notifications.

Add and process bank accounts (ACH)

You can choose the most convenient way to pay for image reading services! We have implemented the ability to add a bank account and buy Payment Credits using the bank account for all client types (Imaging Facility, Radiologist, Distributor, or AI Company). We added the Payment Methods subtab in the Wallet tab. By clicking on this subtab, you can manage (add, edit and delete) your credit/debit cards and bank accounts.

You can also choose a default payment method to buy Payment Credits by default (with the ability to change), including for auto-recharge.

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