Blockchain-based app store connects AI developers, providers and imaging centers

The marketplace will enable imaging centers to monetize their data while providing a centralized place for radiologists to browse for specific AI algorithms.

Medical Diagnostic Web has entered the fast-growing AI app store world, as it introduces an new marketplace on its medical imaging blockchain platform. Radiologists will have access to a range of specific AI algorithms that can augment their practices - and will be able to try before they buy, ensuring that they can find the correct solution they need.


Healthcare imaging centers sit on top of massive amounts of data. Analyzing specific results can be time consuming for radiologists and even highly-trained technicians can miss things or make mistakes. AI algorithms help assist practitioners in diagnosis and prediction. Additionally, this data can and monetized through MDW's blockchain platform: anonymized datasets can be made available to vendors for additional product development and testing.

The creation of an integrated and secure marketplace allows for radiologists to search for and try specific applications, imaging centers to monetize and share their data securely, and for developers to both access data for test development and to promote their wares in a centralized and transparent environment.


AI algorithms are increasingly being brought in as "consults" for analyzing imaging. Leveraging machine learning to help interpret highly detailed images is already in place, and as more AI marketplaces spring up a wider range of algorithms are likely to continue to transform how health care organizations approach imaging.

At the same time, there is a shortage of quality datasets on hand for use in developing and testing new algorithms. Providing imaging centers with a way to securely monetize data that has been appropriately stripped of all personal information benefits both the developers and the data owners, respectively.

Blockchain is a decentralized and transparent record-keeping technology that is highly secure and resistant to data modification. It is increasingly used in healthcare as it enables organizations to share data while retaining strict audits and chain of custody information.


"We envision this marketplace as sort of an app store for algorithms. Using this feature, imaging centers and hospitals can shop for and assemble an entire library of medical imaging algorithms fine-tuned to their needs," said MDW CEO Michael Averbach in a statement. "Through a convenient, homogenized resource, they will be able to take advantage of a full range of artificial intelligence applications to streamline workflow and enhance patient care."

Benjamin Harris is a Maine-based freelance writer and and former new media producer for HIMSS Media. Twitter: @BenzoHarris.